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D-Day, Then and Now

February 29, 2016

This link has a terrific set of photos.  Click your left mouse button on the image of interest at the link below to see the location on D-Day and today.

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View the 1945 Naval Armada Set to Invade Japan

February 13, 2016




This was certainly a big secret few have even heard of this until just now. Quite a piece of history here and some great photos. Pass it on to your Navy buddies. How they ever kept this a secret from Japan is beyond me. And where did the Navy get all those ships when the Japanese thought they had crippled the Pacific fleet at Pearl Harbor??? The Japs had to be out surveilling the whole area especially with soldiers (only 4 but…???) stationed on that island. But, apparently, a Japanese suicide sub did get in and torpedo one of the tankers at anchor. Enjoy!


If you have any interest  in WWII info, you may find this very interesting.  

Here comes another surprise… It was 1944  and the pictures were not available during the war.  The US kept this place  unknown to the citizens of the US.  This is quite a  story!!   

This is phenomenal …! An Armada of ships  and airplanes poised for the invasion of Japan…that never happened…because President Truman authorized the dropping of “A” bombs at Nagasaki and Hiroshima  that resulted in the Japanese surrender. Just think of the American lives that  would have been lost had this invasion occurred. Be thankful that we had a  President with the courage to make the call. Sadly most Americans today know  nothing about this and the sacrifices made by those before us. We are not  teaching US history in our schools anymore….

Some  great pictures of the Ulithi armada! US Naval armada deployed for invasion of Japan.  Keep this for posterity.  There will never be another assemblage of naval ships  like this again.

Staging  area for the invasion of Japan. Check out the carriers on “Murderer’s  Row.”  

If any of you folks served in the Navy or had  fathers, grandfathers or uncles in the Navy during World War II, they may well have been involved in this operation, given the tremendous number of the ships and personnel involved.

You may also recognize them in some of the photos.  Click below:

Vietnam, 50 Years Later

February 1, 2016


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