Carlson’s Raid on Makin Island 17-18 Aug 1943

All, here is a glimpse since the Green Mountain Boys/Rangers to the first in the origin of special ops and MARSOC

“The war news in America in 1942 was bleak. Our navy has lost the bulk of its striking power, with the exception of the carriers, at Pearl Harbor. German U-Boats prowled the Atlantic and exacted a terrible toll on United States shipping. American outposts such as Guam and Wake Island had already fallen to overwhelming Japanese forces in December 1941, and other U.S. forces in the Philippines surrendered in early May 1942. Although the U.S. Navy won the most important naval battle of the war off Midway Island from 4-6 Jun, the full impact of the victory, which put the Japanese Navy on the strategic defensive, was not yet fully appreciated by the Pacific Fleet staff. Most Americans thought the Pacific Ocean was rapidly becoming a Japanese “lake”.

In August 1942, however, two events were to take place that would capture the imagination and hope of the American people. The first was the landing of the 1st Marine Division on Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands on the 7th; the second was a daring raid on Makin Island by two companies if the 2d Raider Battalion in the 17th and 18th. . .”

Lest We Forget

Carlson’s Raid on Makin Island – MCG – Aug 2001


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