In the spring of 1846 the United States once again found itself at war. But fact of the matter was that this war had actually begun 10 years earlier when in 1836 the Texicans had won their independence from Mexico and established the Republic of Texas. The Proud Mexican People never really agreed to this forced partitioning of their country and after a decade of tenuous relations along the Rio Grande, their words of disagreement were replaced by hot lead.

One of first decisive battles of what came to be known as “The Mexican War” occurred near a small village called Resaca de la Palma which exists today, just north of the Rio Grande. So join me as we mount our horses, draw sabers and “charge through the line of enemy infantry” that dares to deny us our manifest destiny.

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Remember Your Regiment! 9 May 1846

Resaca de la Palma, Texas, 9 May 1846. Here Captain Charles A. May’s squadron of the 2d Dragoons (now the 2d Armored Cavalry Regiment) slashed through the enemy lines in an attack that climaxed the opening campaigns of the Mexican War. Their bravery proved that the 2,500 American soldiers under Zachary Taylor had enough self-confidence and pluck to shatter the Mexican force of 6,000 and eject it forever from Texas. Thereafter throughout the war our Army never lacked daring. May’s attack order was simple and effective: “Remember your regiment and follow your officers.”

Remember Your Regiment, 9 May 1846 – The U.S. Army in Action Series.doc

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Remember Your Regiment, 9 May 1846 – The U.S. Army in Action Series

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