CJCS White Paper – “America’s Military – A Profession of Arms”

Attached, is ³America¹s Military ­ A Profession of Arms,² a CJCS white paper that articulates his direction for a recommitment to our profession of arms and its core values. The paper presents the values, ethics and standards that define the personal and professional character traits that are at the core of our military service. It also establishes the foundation for a wide range of follow-on efforts, needed at all levels of service and leadership, to renew our commitment to the core values of our service to the Nation.

I ask you to widely distribute the paper. Joint and service doctrine, publications and curriculum should include the Chairman¹s guidance where appropriate. The increasing complexity, uncertainty and accelerated pace of change anticipated for the future will continue to challenge our Nation; we must adapt as we build future leaders and the Joint Force 2020. Incorporating the Chairman¹s vision of the Profession of Arms into your efforts will ensure we remain the finest military in the world.

LtGen George J. Flynn, USMC
The Joint Staff J-7
Director for Joint Force Development


Click on the link below:

America’s Military – A Profession of Arms (White Paper)

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