Large format ASA25 Kodachrome Transparencies. WWII

Some of the pictures were made at the Corpus Christi Naval Air Station which opened in the summer of 1941.  It had five auxillary bases in the area.   At one time it was the largest naval air  training station in  the world.   Growing up about 20 miles away I could see airplanes all day long.   The single engine trainers were painted yellow so they were more visible to other pilots and I think so they could be more easily located if they crashed.  Occasionally in later years we would see or hear about a helicopter that was spotted in the area.   That meant that a plane was down.   During the Korean war a Corsair bellied in on a ranch near town on a strip of land where the brush had been cleared.   Some of us heard about it and went out there and found it with a guard posted who let us look it  over up close.   It was still intact with a long trail of skid marks behind it in the dirt.   The pilot obviously did a great job and walked away.

Click on the link below:×5-kodachromes/

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