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March 23, 2012

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Pilots and non-pilots alike will love this…….

March 13, 2012
That P51 named “Old Crow” is in honour of the one flown by Clarence E. (Bud) Anderson, a Northern California native who wrote the book “To Fly and Fight.”
Old Crow was his favourite whiskey. His parents didn’t drink, but after they passed away, Bud found an unopened bottle of Old Crow hidden away in a closet.
There are some pretty famous WWII heroes in this video.
Early on there is an old guy in a big straw hat with a cane standing by the Spitfire. He is R. A. Bob Hoover ….. (My Gawd, is he THAT old?)
Bob was considered ” A Pilot’s Pilot” by all his peers. He was shot down in a Spitfire over the Med and spent some time as the guest of the Fuhrer.
He managed to escape and stole a German FW190 and flew it to Allied occupied Holland. He flew wing with Chuck Yeager, became a test pilot and was back-up to fly the Bell X1 supersonically. He topped off his career as , probably, the most famous air show performer of his day.  He too, wrote a book, “Forever Flying.”
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