Agent Orange Fast Track Claims Processing

Vietnam-era veterans who have medical diagnoses for three presumptive conditions related to Agent Orange exposure need to file their disability claims with the Department of Veterans Affairs by Aug. 30 in order to qualify for up to one year of retroactive benefits.

The three diseases recently added to VA’s list of presumptive conditions related to Agent Orange exposure or other herbicides during the Vietnam War are ischemic heart disease, hairy cell and other B-cell leukemias, and Parkinson’s disease.

“Veterans who suffer from these presumptive conditions can apply for disability benefits at any time,” said Verna Jones, director of The American Legion’s Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation Division. “But they need to apply by the Aug. 30 deadline in order to possibly get up to a year’s worth of benefits retroactively,”

Widows and widowers whose spouses have died from Agent Orange presumptive conditions may also qualify for retroactive benefits and are encouraged to file for dependent indemnity compensation by Aug. 30.

Veterans can file for disability claims online at VA’s

Click on the link below:

 Agent Orange Fast Track Claims Processing System

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2 Responses to “Agent Orange Fast Track Claims Processing”

  1. Vern Says:

    The VA Fast Track Agent Orange claims are anything but fast. I have submitted my claim for IHD back in June, uploaded everything required to process the claim and have heard nothing from them. The information on the site is never updated. For that matter, the VA claims they have not received many of the documents which were submitted electronically via the Fast Track site. I don’t mean to be negative or disrespectful, but is anyone looking into how effective the site really is or how well it is performing? I truly believe that I will die before my claim is processed.

  2. Tara Says:

    @Vern – I am praying for you – it’s a complete disgrace that our veterans are treated this way.

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